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Do you want to feel safe and confident in yourself and your life again?

Do you want to stop thinking about cancer constantly, have more energy, less anxiety, and get back to living your life?

I wanted the same thing. While I was going through chemotherapy and surgeries to treat stage 2B breast cancer, I kept my eye on the end goal, getting through this and become more empowered than ever. Now I want to help you do the same.

Reclaim Your Healing and Health!

FREE Guide Reclaims Your Diet, Strength & Self-Confidence.  Enter your info below so I know where to personally email the download link.

Hey, my name is Laura and I want to share my story... I thought going through breast cancer treatment would be the hardest thing I'd ever have to do, and don't get me was brutal. But, what I didn't expect was that when my  treatment ended and I was released I was faced with a whole new set of challenges.

I had a slew of physical issues that I had never had to deal with before and I soon discovered that I was not alone.

Many women were struggling with weight gain, fatigue, pain, anxiety, depression and intense symptoms of menopause after breast cancer treatment.

I made a decision to regain my health and to support and empower other survivors in creating their healthiest lives after breast cancer.

I am dedicated to supporting and guiding you through your healing not only of your physical body but also of your mind and spirit.

As cancer survivors we know first hand how delicate life is and we understand each other in a special way that helps us feel connected and to realize that we are not alone.

My coaching programs are designed to help you reconnect to your new body and your new life as a survivor.

My goal is to help you understand what your body needs and to feel confident in the foods you choose, to find joy in moving your body and to know that your mind can be at happy and at peace and your spirit can be inspired and empowered to create the healthy and vibrant life that you desire.

Because your body has an incredible ability to heal itself and because the needs of your body change with age, seasons and experiences, I will teach you a new way to look at food and how it supports your health without strict rules or extreme diets.

You will learn to how to see yourself through a new lens that gives you permission to be gentle with yourself, to have a healthier relationship with food and exercise and take charge of your mind so you learn to live joyfully in the present moment and let go of past struggles and future worries!

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"Everytime I work with Laura I feel more empowered and confident in myself. She’s helped me with my food challenges, my emotional challenges and I feel motivated to take on the world after I meet with her."

Yvonne S.

"I love how knowledgeable (Laura is) without being too “medical”. (She) has made me feel safer about the choices I make with food and less anxious about new place in the world. It’s really comforting to talk with someone who gets what I’ve been through."

Alina L.

"At first I wasn’t sure I could afford to work with Laura...She has helped me become more confident, understand food in a way that doesn’t stress me out, and to be a calmer and happier person overall. I love her perspective on life and I’m so glad I found her."

Chandra C.


Need help? My courses and coachings are sure to help you feel like yourself again.


Get Back to Life After Breast Cancer

Do you want to feel confident and safe in your body and your life again?

Finishing treatment for breast cancer is the beginning of a new phase of life and it is often marked by fatigue, pain, weight gain, metabolic changes, menopause and emotional struggle.

Efforts to find support and resolve these new issues are often met with frustration because of the lack of understanding from loved ones and medical professionals or the difficulty in finding the right information to support your needs.

This 7 Day Course will help you get clear on how to get your life (and health) back on track.

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Reclaim Your Healing and Health!

FREE Guide Reclaims Your Diet, Strength & Self-Confidence.  Enter your info below so I know where to personally email the download link.


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