My Glucose Chart beginning just before Chemo in 2011

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Laura shares her story with weight gain and the struggle to get back to a healthy weight after breast cancer treatment. She shares her trials, her frustrations, and her successes with trying different approaches to finding a nutrition plan that works. She also shares how to keep a positive attitude and find the tenacity to keep pressing forward with weight management goals as a cancer survivor.

 Finally, Laura introduces an approach that not only is effective but easy to follow and science has shown that it is beneficial in supporting the body in resisting cancer. 

If weight management has been a struggle for you since finishing chemotherapy, radiation or using tamoxifen or other hormonal therapies, don't give up. You are not alone and there may be an approach that will help you without forcing you into a life of deprivation and calorie counting.

My Total Cholesterol After Chemo (Unfortunately I don't have the results from any earlier dates)