REVIVIFY- Coming Soon

REVIVIFY is an online program created to reach every woman who needs support and encouragement in her breast cancer recovery.

This program will include:

Easy to follow practices that will help you get back in touch with your own body and create an environment that supports your body's ability to heal and thrive.

You will learn about:

-Prioritize your health by blocking time and committing to treating your health and your healing with the importance it     deserves.

-Intuitive eating to help you break the cycle of feeling insecure and unsure about which foods are the safest to eat for your     health and safety.

-Mindfulness practices to increase your peace of mind and bring relief from the worry and fear of cancer and recurrence.

-Moving your body and how to change your perception of exercise so that you can enjoy it and your body and mind can         reap the benefits from this key element to thriving health and decreasing your risk of cancer.

-Practicing Self-Compassion because putting your health first and working on it daily can be tough. You will learn how       to target what you really need, and how to give that to yourself every day so you can create the life YOU desire.

-Affordability- I was a single mom when I went through her breast cancer treatment, so creating a program that fits into everyone's budget was important to me because I truly believe that every survivor deserves the support of a wellness professional. That's why REVIVIFY will be delivered to you for less that $40.00

I work with you from the privacy of your home, wherever you live.

My clients receive two, one-hour coaching sessions through Skype or Facetime each month.

I will guide you in creating a plan that supports you in reaching your goals whether they be weight loss, exercise, nutrition support, or just developing a healthier outlook and more self-confidence to help you get back to living after your breast cancer treatment.

These coaching sessions are focused on meeting you where you're at, and developing strategies that will get you to where you want to be. They are followed up with a list of action items, daily reminders and motivation to achieve your goals, along with unlimited email access to me for any questions or concerns that you have along the way.

Email me for a FREE 30 minute consultation or choose a package that works for you today and receive a discount when you make a multiple month commitment to creating your healthiest life.

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