Episode #9 - Survivor Interview with Gail Matthews

In honor of celebrating my 6th year of surviving breast cancer, I reached out to other survivors and asked them to share their unique stories to motivate and inspire other survivors.

This interview is with 11-year Army veteran, and mother of four, Gail Matthews. When I first spoke with Gail I was touched by her sense of compassion and gentleness.

When I heard her story, I was moved by her honesty, and I thought that hearing about how she dealt with fear and how she stood up for herself during breast cancer treatment is something that other survivors could understand and identify with.

More than anything else though, I love the way Gail has come through treatment with an even bigger heart that is open to seeing and connecting to the needs of others with a belief that we need to be good to ourselves and give more hugs!

I know you'll enjoy listening to this lovely woman.

#7 Weight Management After Breast Cancer Treatment

Laura shares her story with weight gain and the struggle to get back to a healthy weight after breast cancer treatment. She shares her trials, her frustrations, and her successes with trying different approaches to finding a nutrition plan that works. She also shares how to keep a positive attitude and find the tenacity to keep pressing forward with weight management goals as a cancer survivor.

 Finally, Laura introduces an approach that not only is effective but easy to follow and science has shown that it is beneficial in supporting the body in resisting cancer. 

If weight management has been a struggle for you since finishing chemotherapy, radiation or using tamoxifen or other hormonal therapies, don't give up. You are not alone and there may be an approach that will help you without forcing you into a life of deprivation and calorie counting.

Episode #13-Women Guiding Women

In this episode, I talk with Randal Snyder, who along with Susie Garrison, Co-manages the Women Guiding Women cancer support and education program at Long Beach Memorial Hospital.

Randal tells us about programs that are open to all cancer survivors, and how programs from different areas and organizations come together to make support more accessible to survivors.

We talk about the importance and the fun of supporting Women Guiding Women and we wrap up with information on what it means to be a mentor and how new mentors can join the program. 
Listen in to this fun and lively conversation.

Episode #4- Joy in Food, Movement, and Life

In this episode, we talk about choosing joy in life on a daily basis by increasing our awareness of what we eat,  and how we eat it. We'll look at how food and exercise make us happy and examining our own worth and how we value the things that are important to our soul like practicing gratitude, treating ourselves well and pursuing our dreams. As cancer survivors, we have to take an honest look at what we say brings us joy to find that it really brings us more pain. Grab your green beer on this St. Patrick's Day episode and join Laura in discovering more joy in everything you do as you get back to life after breast cancer.

Episode #20 Managing The Flu with Ayurveda
​In honor of World Cancer Day, listen in for a few reminders on how to lessen your risk of cancer recurrence through easy to control lifestyle choices.

Hear 3 tips for supporting your immune system and/or your recovery from the flu using the most natural Ayurveda lifestyle choices. 

Laura talks about herbal remedies that are easy to find and have been used in Ayurveda for thousands of years to reduce some of the uncomfortable symptoms of the flu, support your immune system and restore health to your digestion.

Episode #15 MTHFR The Good, The Bad and Steps You Can Take

If you're feeling fatigued, dealing with being overweight, or battling other health issues that don't seem to be improving, you might have a MTHFR mutation.
MTHFR is becoming more widely talked about as the importance of its role in our body's process of methylation is being studied. 
Some studies show that more than 40% of the population could have a mutation of this gene which could result in some significant health risks including, cancer, heart disease, and chronic fatigue.
Learn more about this gene mutation, how you can find out if you have it and 5 steps that you can take to improve your lifestyle and counteract the impact of this mutation on your body.

Episode #12- A Love Affair With Sugar, How to End A Toxic Relationship

We love our sugar and for good reason, our brain tells us that it makes us feel good, which is why it's so difficult to break up with this potentially harmful ingredient. 

In this episode, I talk about my own love affair with sugar how I got it out of my life and the science that tells us why, especially as cancer survivors, we should consider making sugar a distant relative rather than a long-term roommate in our homes and in our diets.

This breakup is not easy because we literally crave these sweet, shiny little crystals, but there are ways to overcome the desire for sugar that aren't as tough as you might think.

Listen in and take your relationship with sugar to a level that's healthy for you.

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Episode #8 - Five Facts You Need to know about Ketogenic Diets for Breast Cancer Recovery

In this episode, I talk about the history of the ketogenic diet and how it has been found to benefit an array of health issues including cancer. I point out 5 important ways that the ketogenic diet can benefit breast cancer survivors, and then 5 easy ways to implement this diet into your life.

 If you want to learn about an additional, scientifically proven way to support your breast cancer recovery and to shed some extra body fat. You won't want to miss this episode.

Episode #17 What's a Dosha? 
​How understanding your body through Ayurveda can lead to a healthier life

Are you feeling, overheated, overweight, or lethargic? Do you struggle with digestive issues, constipation or chronic inflammation issues? 

Understanding the qualities behind these health issues and what contributes to them will help you understand how to correct them and create an internal environment for your body and your mind to heal and to thrive.

Ayurveda is a life science that has been supporting good health for thousands of years. The ancient wisdom embodied by Ayurveda teaches us to get in touch with our bodies and our environment so that we easily understand what we need to do with our lifestyle habits to achieve and maintain good health, restful sleep, and a peaceful mind.

Listen to this episode to understand some basic Ayurvedic principles and to learn about resources that you can use to create your healthiest life.


Episode #11- How am I Supposed to Know What to Eat

While attending the IDEA World Nutrition and Behavior change summit two weeks ago, I was struck by how conflicting and confusing all of the information on nutrition must be for anyone for doesn't research and learn about this field on a regular basis.

In this episode, I cut to the chase and talk about simple ways to figure out what's right for you, respect but, perhaps discard other people's opinions of what you should eat be eating, and throw out labeling yourself and your diet for good.

Listen in and discover how to create your personalized nutrition plan that leaves you feeling good and NOT guilty!

Episode #2 - Train your Brain to Think Healthier Thoughts

Training your brain to catch yourself when you're thinking in ways that create anxiety rather than health is the first step in having a positive and healthy mindset, and a positive mindset is part of a healthy lifestyle as well as a tool in reducing your risk of breast cancer recurrence. However, that's easier said than done. In this episode, I'll teach you a simple trick to train your brain to be aware of when your thoughts are going in the wrong direction and how to bring them back before they make you sick.

Episode  #5 - Two Habits You Must Break to Create A Healthier Lifestyle

Healthy habits at their most basic foundation include making good choices with nutrition and exercise, but that's just the beginning. A healthy lifestyle encompasses that and your relationships, your thinking, how and when you eat, when and what type of exercise you do, and how you think of and treat yourself through thoughts and actions. In this week's episode, we look at two habits that are common to just about everyone and how they create a downward spiral of making unhealthy choices. Breaking these two habits will change the way you feel about yourself and take the stress out of living a healthy lifestyle.

In this week's episode, we look at two habits that are common to just about everyone and how they create a downward spiral of making unhealthy choices. Breaking these two habits will change the way you feel about yourself and take the stress out of living a healthy lifestyle.

One of these habits is especially common to breast cancer survivors, including me, as we learn to live in a new version of our body.

Episode #16 How NEAT and GRAS Impact Your Health

You could be feeling the impact of a sedentary lifestyle even with regular exercise. Now, more than ever it's important to find ways of staying active throughout the day because 30-60 minutes of exercise doesn't compensate for 8+ hours of sitting. 

Listen to this episode for simple ways to increase your non-exercise activity to help keep the pounds off and lower your risk of cancer recurrence. 

Then hear what the evidence has to say about common ingredients that are generally recognized as safe. You may want to reconsider whether these chemicals are safe enough to be a part of your lifestyle.


Episode #19 A New Kind of Resolution

The new year can be the beginning of the healthy life that you have always wanted if you follow some simple steps and gain clarity about your desires then fuel them with intention. 

Don't cast aside the idea that new year resolutions are a waste of time until you listen to this episode and gain an understanding of how valuable setting clear goals that have emotion and meaning behind them can be for you.

                                                                           Episode #23 Health Halos and Understanding Leaky Gut

Have you taken a close look at the foods you buy from the "Health Food" aisle in the grocery store? These foods may not be as good for you as you think. Learn about how marketers use health claims and healthy visuals and words to give packaged and processed foods the halo of being healthy when that's not always the case.

This is a show you don't want to miss if you have had ongoing health issues since going through cancer treatment. Is it possible the skin conditions, inflammation, arthritis, fatigue, bloating and even joint pain could be related to the damage that was done to your gut during treatment? 

In this show, you'll learn about leaky gut, what it is, symptoms that may indicate you have and what steps you can take if you think this may be affecting your wellbeing.

Episode #6 - Take What You Need

Do you continually spend time, money and energy looking for external resources that will help you get back to life after breast cancer?

What if you could spend a few minutes a day tuning into yourself to understand what your needs are, and what you need to do to fulfill those needs?

In this episode, Laura talks about a simple practice that you can do daily that will move you along the road of understanding what you need and opening yourself to accepting the action you need to take for your health and peace of mind.

You don't even have to strap on your gym shoes! 

                                                              Episode #22 Beautify Your "Breasts" with Pink Ribbon Plus

Betty Alterman, founder of Pink Ribbon Plus shares her insights on finding the perfect fitting mastectomy bra, understanding breast forms and how you can create the shape you want with comfort and confidence. Learn about the Lindi skin care line and how these products can protect and care for your skin during and after radiation treatments.

Be one of the first 15 people to access Betty's special offer for this podcast and receive a free sample of Lindi skin care.
In honor of National Nutrition Month, learn about the benefits of a familiar veggie and some new ways to enjoy it. 
Don't forget to visit the show notes page to access the code for the giveaway and access important resources.

Episode #1 - Let Your Lifestyle Be Your Medicine

In this introductory episode, you'll get to know Laura as she shares her journey of becoming an integrated wellness professional and her story of surviving breast cancer. 

She talks about her holistic philosophy of using your entire lifestyle as the medicine to support your well-being, and how she continues to work diligently at recovering her strength and adjusting to her new post-cancer body.

 Episode #14- Surviving Breast Cancer as a Spouse

One of the greatest sources of strength, when we're going through cancer treatment, is the support of our loved ones. However, their struggle to cope and the concerns they deal with are often put aside as all of the focus and attention is given to the person with cancer.
A year ago I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Scott Keppel who is an accomplished trainer, an entrepreneur, and the husband of a two-time Breast cancer survivor, Melissa Keppel.

In this episode, we hear Scott's perspective on his wife's diagnosis and how he responded by gaining more knowledge, writing a book and creating a fundraiser that is changing the way a community supports breast cancer patients and survivors.

Scott is also certified in working with women post breast cancer treatment and we'll hear his insights on what to do and what not to do as you work to rebuild health after breast cancer treatment.

Episode #10- Interview with Survivor and Breast Cancer Advocate Ronda Salazar

To wrap up the celebration of my 6th year of survival, I'm honored to have been able to present you with the interview of another inspirational survivor, Ronda Salazar. In this interview, you'll hear the incredible story of Ronda Salazar and how a serendipitous event hurled her into the world of breast cancer.

Ronda's story is one of strength and inspiration as she moves through the role of breast cancer patient to the role of survivor, mentor, and composer. You'll hear how this talented woman translated her experience with cancer into a musical CD, that gives back to other cancer patients. You'll even hear one of her favorite songs which I know will touch your heart and inspire you to want to hear more.

You'll hear how this talented woman translated her experience with cancer into a musical CD, that gives back to other cancer patients. You'll even hear one of her favorite songs which I know will touch your heart and inspire you to want to hear more.

This episode is longer than usual but it's worth every minute.

Get Back to Life after breast cancer

Episode #3 - Interview with Mind Body Oncology Coach, Erin Sommerville

Erin Sommerville has been a Mind, Body Oncology Coach for over 25 years. She has traveled the world with Simonton Cancer Center, training others in using their mind and emotions to support their healing and recovery from cancer. In this episode Erin shares some of her invaluable insights on steps that you can take to create more joy in your life and to heal and maintain your health at a cellular level. You don't

In this episode Erin shares some of her invaluable insights on steps that you can take to create more joy in your life, and to heal and maintain your health at a cellular level. You don't want to miss this fun and informative interview.

                           Episode #24 Cleanse and Restore
Rebuilding Strength and Vitality Naturally with Ayurveda

Spring is the perfect time to cleanse and restore your body and Ayurveda is a gentle and effective system for both of these practices.
In this episode, you'll hear about the Ayurvedic practice of Rasayana, a rejuvenating, anti-aging branch of Ayurveda.
Learn a simple and easy way to cleanse and restore the body, and discover three, easy to find herbs, that will restore your body and mind.
You'll also hear about a new book that reveals shocking information about our food supply and the companies that control it.

Episode #21 Self Compassion-Loving Yourself to Support Your Health

Loving yourself is the first step to treating yourself well. It's time to let go of self-judgment and to get past superficial flaws that stop you from being as good to yourself as you deserve. Listen in and let's talk about our true value. How do you measure your self-worth and does failing to know your own value stop you from living your healthiest life.

Episode #18 Gratitude and Your Health 

Saying Thank You May Do More Than You Think

Hear what some of the experts have to say about how expressing gratitude can improve your health, reduce inflammation, create a healthier social network and even improve your sleep.

Gratitude and thankfulness are more than just words, they're a way of thinking and connecting with yourself and others that lead to a more fulfilling life.

In this episode, you'll also hear about a fantastic book that reveals research on 9 key elements that are common to cancer survivors who have experienced medically unfounded recovery from their disease.