Through my experience as a personal trainer and my breast cancer recovery, I have discovered tools that work well for modifying exercise and relieving pain both during and after exercise.

These are tools that I personally use and I know they will help you too. Check out my videos page for instructions and tips on using these tools. 

I have a substantial amount of neuropathy in my hands and feet along with arthritis in many of my joints since going through chemotherapy. I modify my exercises as necessary to accommodate these issues, however when I was working on my Functional aging certification, I was told about this line of products by  DOD Fitness.I bought the wrist wedges while I was sitting in the workshop because I was so excited at the prospect of relieving my wrist pain during yoga classes.  I have to say that I am a big fan of these simple yet wonderful foam pads. This company has pads for the knees, wrists, and neck. These are a great way to get your body moving and work around physical limitations. 

The TRX Suspension system is an excellent tool for beginners through advanced exercisers. It offers support for the beginner and a full range of progressions for people of any size or strength so you never "grow out of it". This system is also great for increasing your flexibility and range of motion after surgery.