The TRX Reverse Isolated I stretch is one of my favorites. The muscles under your arm pit are targeted as this move increases their tolerance to being stretched. If you've had a mastectomy or lymph nodes removed from under your arm, you know what I'm talking about here. Start slowly and work your way up to the full extension. A little but every day ; ) 

Exercise for Breast Cancer Recovery​

After going through chemotherapy, a bilateral mastectomy and reconstructive surgeries, even as an experienced personal trainer, I had a lot of fear around getting back in the gym and putting weight on my chest.

I found the TRX suspension system to be an invaluable tool because of its tremendous range of flexibility. I have since become a TRX level yellow trainer and Ambassador and I'm proud to share these videos with you as I believe that this tool can help you comfortably get back to weight bearing exercise, increase your upper body flexibility and range of motion, and allow you the comfort of doing these exercises in your own home. Many gyms now offer these suspension systems in their facilities as well. 

Be sure you have received clearance from your doctor to begin exercising before attempting any of these movements. Your well-being is the first priority!

The TRX squat  is especially helpful if you like the feeling of being supported through this movement. Using the suspension system also allows you to unload some of your body weight onto the trainer. This is helpful as a beginning exerciser (or a timid one) because it allows you to increase or decrease the intensity of your squat while still keeping good form.

The TRX Reverse W Stretch is a great way to increase stretch tolerance in the front of your shoulder. Progress through your range of flexibility slowly at your own level of comfort.  

The TRX Shoulder stretch feels amazing across the front of the shoulders. Not only do we tend to hunch forward over computers and steering wheels all day, but when we're recovering from surgery and in pain, there's a tendency to hunch forward even more, tightening the muscles in the front of the shoulders and overstretching the muscles across the upper back. This forward bending posture can become a habit that we don't even realize we have. This exercise is the perfect way to release the tightness in the front of the shoulders and increase the ability of that muscle to stretch.