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I bet you're tired of feeling crappy, exhausted and maybe even in pain every friggin' day!

I bet you're sick of feeling scared, worrying about cancer, if you're on the right meds, if you're eating the right foods, if you're going to get a recurrence, or just feeling pissed off that you got cancer in the first place.

I hear you and I understand because I've been there too.

While I was going through chemotherapy and surgeries to treat stage 2B breast cancer, every day I thought about the end goal...the day I would finish and get back to living a healthy, active life.

But that wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. I had to overcome A LOT of physical and mental struggles as a result of cancer treatment.

Then I realized...I HAD to change the story I was telling myself.

And now I want to help you do the same.

Hey there, I'm Laura and my cancer story began with thinking breast cancer treatment would be the hardest thing I'd ever have to do, and don't get me was brutal.

But, the plot twist came when my treatment ended and I was released from my doctor's care.

That's when I started a new chapter that included hot flashes, lymphedema, joint pain, weight gain, brain fog and horrible fatigue. 

I felt distant from the people closest to me because they didn't understand what I was going through, they thought I should be "normal" again, but I wasn't.

I got sick of asking doctors for help with the weight I had gained, or the crappy way I felt. Rather than finding the support I was looking for, I felt dismissed and like they didn't even hear what I was saying.

So I made a decision to rewrite my "after cancer" story. I used my education and training as a certified Health Coach, a Clinical Ayurveda Specialist and a fitness professional, to create my own program and take back my power over my own body!

Along the way I met so many other women who were facing similar struggles. 

Since you're on this page I bet you're one of us. 

Well girl, I'm here for you.

As a cancer survivor you know first hand how delicate life is and we understand each other in a special way.

We have a shared experience that connects us and you've FINALLY found someone who gets what you're going through.

I've taken my expertise as a mind-body health professional and my experience as a breast cancer survivor to create easy to follow coaching programs designed to help you change your story from one of a survivor to one of a healthy, happy, thriving survivor.

I will teach you simple steps to understanding what your body needs, feeling confident in the foods you choose, finding joy in moving your body and training your mind to be happy, at peace and become the tool that propels you into the vibrant life that you want.

Your body has an incredible ability to heal itself and because the needs of your body change with age, seasons and breast cancer, I'll teach you how to change your relationship with food so you can use it to support your body's changing needs and stop worrying about eating the wrong things.

You'll learn to see yourself through a new lens. One that gives you permission to be gentle with yourself, to take charge of your mind, and to live joyfully in the present moment letting go of past struggles and future worries!

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It's time to find your voice and write the the story of the life you want to live!

"After being diagnosed with Stage 2A breast cancer and undergoing the torturous treatment regimens of surgery, chemo, and radiation, I was in desperate need of tools to empower me moving forward. Laura’s Revivify program was just that. Through encouragement, connection to resources, and daily activities, I became empowered to take action in the best way for me! "

Kelly B.

"I love how knowledgeable (Laura is) without being too “medical”. (She) has made me feel safer about the choices I make with food and less anxious about new place in the world. It’s really comforting to talk with someone who gets what I’ve been through."

Alina L.

"When I was finishing my 2 years of breast cancer treatments, I was really lost. I was grateful to be alive, but I wasn’t the same person who went into this unexpected wrestling match. People told me I had won the match, but I didn’t feel victorious. I just felt different, beat up and confused. When I started listening to Laura’s podcast there was something about her voice and her personality that made me feel not only comforted, but hopeful. She is smart, funny, and obviously passionate about helping women recover in every aspect of their cancer journey. Laura knows her stuff from several angles. She is an excellent coach in the Revivify Group that I have joined and has tons of resources she is willing to share. I am so grateful to this woman I have never met for caring enough to provide incredible support for me in this “after cancer” space. I felt very alone, but now feel so much sisterhood and validation, knowing I am not crazy (maybe a little)."

Mary Ann E.


Need help? My courses and coachings are sure to help you feel like yourself again.


Get Back to Life After Breast Cancer

Are you trying to figure out how to feel confident, safe and happy in your body and your life again? 

When you finish treatment for breast cancer, you begin a new phase of life that's often marked by fatigue, pain, weight gain, menopause and struggles with body image and intense emotions.

Maybe you’ve already reached out to find support from loved ones or medical professionals and found yourself feeling frustrated and misunderstood. It’s really not their fault.

It’s just tough to understand the experience of having cancer and the after math of cancer treatments if you haven’t experienced it yourself.

That’s why I created REVIVIFY, my 7 Step Course to help you get clear on how to get your life (and health) back on track. Because I’ve been where you are now and I had to find my way, not back to my old life but, my way forward to living my best life after breast cancer.

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