The Hype and the Truth

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"Love Laura! I was diagnosed with LCIS a year ago and Laura’s podcasts have give me so much hope and so many tools to navigate the changes I have encountered."

Yogini613 , 04/27/2019

Cancer survivors are a prime audience for food manufacturers and supplement companies to target with the newest and most promising "superfood" powders, supplements and bars. But, are these products really that special? 

Are they the answer to living a long and healthy life, or could you save a lot money and get the same benefits in the produce aisle at your local grocery store?

In this episode we'll talk about what a superfood actually is, where you can get them without spending an arm and a leg and I'll give you 4 tips to easily incorporate this health promoting foods into your lifestyle.

You can even download my cheatsheet to help you remember all the benefits of these bright and tasty foods.

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