Social Support, Why You Need it
& How to Build it.

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You know that social support is important as you go through breast cancer treatment.

In fact, when treatment ends and that support begins to wane, you can find yourself feeling lonely, abandoned and even depressed.

Often it’s hard to find your bearings after breast cancer treatment when you realize that life isn’t going back to what you were expecting.

This is not only a common experience for you as a survivor, but it also impacts the ones who were closest to you during treatment.

They often struggle with figuring out how to move forward and how to deal with the changes in you and in their lives.

The important thing for everyone is to talk about it.

By facing changing priorities and expectations, you not only strengthen your social support system but you help your loved ones understand what’s happening, so they feel safe and they understand where and how they are needed in your life.


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