Spice up Your Life to Support Your Health

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In this show we'll celebrate National Happiness Happens month with a little insight and a quick tip on choosing and creating happiness in your life regardless of the circumstances around you.

Then we'll dig in to some cool information on the medicinal power of some common kitchen spices.

Over the decades, we've sadly lost touch with the knowledge that our grandparents and great grandparents had about home remedies, the healing power of plants and grass roots health care.

But, this show takes you back to learn about the health benefits of two common, easy to use, and tasty spices that you probably have at home right now and didn't even know how much they could support your digestion and overall well being.

If you're not someone who likes to cook, no worries, you'll get some tips on how to include these healing spices into your diet with no flames or clean up involved.


Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database

Arthritis Foundation on Turmeric



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