About Laura

Do you feel like you're disconnected from the life everyone else expects you to be leading?

I did too! 

When I finished 18 months of breast cancer treatment, I realized that everyone around me thought life would go back to  “normal”...including me!

But I didn’t feel “normal” and my body didn’t feel or act “normal” anymore.

I had an extensive background in health and wellness and I did all the right things like cleanses, juicing, eating organic foods and banging on every doctor’s door searching for just one physician who understood what was happening to me...how chemotherapy, multiple surgeries and dozens of prescription drugs had changed my body.

I didn’t find that resource...and believe me, I looked hard. I just wasn’t looking in the right place.

Their job was to destroy cancer, and I was looking for someone to rebuild my body so I could take back my "old" life.


It took a lot of suffering, and frustration for me to realize, that I was telling myself a story of sickness, misery, pain and fatigue every day, and in order to change that story I needed to turn to the expert on me...myself.

My biggest mistake was searching for a way to go back to the way I was before cancer, rather than moving forward and creating the life and body I wanted after cancer.

I needed to approach my food, movement, energy, mindset and my choice of words from those of a cancer victim to those of a cancer victor!

That’s when I started to change my story.

Now I've put the steps I used into a program to help you become the victor you want to be.

I call my program REVIVIFY, which means, “to give new life or vigor to.”

REVIVIFY is a completely online, go at your own pace course that will take through a step by step process to release what is causing you suffering, to create a support system, nutrition and exercise program that works with your life and brings you joy. 

The lessons in the final module of REVIVIFY will help you set up a system for future success, and time for self care so that  you can go from feeling tired, scared, frustrated, and alone, to feeling confident, empowered and connected to yourself and those around you.

My life went from struggling to get in and out of my car, feeling beat up and defeated to living my passion...teaching women like you how to create an environment for your body to heal and your life to thrive in.

Now, I speak to groups of breast cancer survivors to inspire them to live their fullest lives.

I host an international podcast that delivers health information and life inspiration to tens of thousands of women around the world.

I create online coaching programs to support women just like you through the process of recreating their lives after cancer.

Download my FREE Program to get a peek at my  approach to healing your body and mind with natural, mindfulness based practices.

It’s my mission to support you so you can avoid the struggles and frustrations that I went through.

Get your free program now, and become a part of this community of thriving breast cancer survivors.



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