"After being diagnosed with Stage 2A breast cancer and undergoing the torturous treatment regimens if surgery, chemo, and radiation, I was in desperate need of tools to empower me moving forward. Laura’s Revivify program was just that. Through encouragement, connection to resources, and daily activities, I became empowered to take action in the best way for me! "

~Kelly B.

"“At first I wasn’t sure I could afford to work with Laura, but after my free consultation I realized that I really needed the guidance she had to offer and I’m glad I made it work. She has helped me become more confident, understand food in a way that doesn’t stress me out, and to be a calmer and happier person overall. I love her perspective on life and I’m so glad I found her.” "

~Chandra C.

"“I was drawn to Laura through her podcast, I loved how knowledgeable she was without being too “medical”. Working with her has made me feel safer about the choices I make with food and less anxious about new place in the world. It’s really comforting to talk with someone who gets what I’ve been through”"

~Alina L.

What people are saying about the podcast:

Laura, Facing challenges myself I stumbled on your podcast in my search for some educational and emotional support from the warriors battling cancer and learning to get back to a new norm of life. I was beginning to feel alone in my journey and your podcast has brought so much hope and enlightenment. I feel so empowered!
I really only started listening to your podcast a couple weeks ago and so much has resonated with me. The podcast Transformation was amazing. My new mantra (well I have several thanks to you!) is “Challenges will come. Don’t resist transformation. Embrace it”. I say it over and over in my head on the tougher days. And then I ask myself “WHAT are you going to do? Not the WHY me”.
I also absolutely love “Let your lifestyle be your medicine!” I am a physician and I have carried so much of this into my daily practice caring for others! A huge thank you for making such an impact!!

~by empowered999

I can’t thank Laura enough for these podcasts. I found her in the midst of breast cancer treatment when I felt incredibly alone even though I had an army of supporters behind me and was overwhelmed with my situation. As I transition to my next phase, it’s been even more helpful. What can I do to help myself moving forward both physically and emotionally? I’ve found answers here. Thank you Laura for being the friend and teacher I needed and still need. You are amazing!

It has been 9 years since I was diagnosed with Stage IIIB breast cancer. I survived & thrived through months of chemo, a double radical mastectomy, 6 weeks of radiation & a radical hysterectomy-- only to realize the toughest part of all of that would be *recovering from it.* I loved that this podcast addresses the hormonal changes, Rx side effects, chemo brain, etc.
Thank you!


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